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COVID-19 and The Survival of the Fittest

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The Unforgettable Year

2020 – the unforgettable year that turned every corner of the world on its head and changed the future of the globe for forever.

When the pandemic hit earlier this year, nobody could have predicted the outcome of the silent killer. The devastating impact of COVID-19 left the lives and livelihoods of millions in tatters, had crippling effects on world economies with unprecedented increased pressure on our precious healthcare sectors. As quickly as the pre COVID-19 unheard of term ‘furlough’ became a concrete phrase in society, unemployment figures began to rise, leaving worrying threats to the job market and individuals across the world.

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Survival of the Fittest

However in my eyes, Charles Darwin’s theory of the ‘Survival of the Fittest’ has never been so relevant, particularly when it comes to overcoming the effects of the pandemic and how we begin to adapt to the ‘new normal’. Companies and employees alike have effectively had to adapt the way that they work, shape new behaviors and form new beliefs in order to survive; those that don’t will inevitably fall behind.

With the pandemic forcing every single industry and sector across the world to change, perhaps this was just paving the way for the digital evolution to become even more of a focal standpoint in our lives?

The Digital Evolution

As a recruitment consultant within Consult’s Animal Health division, I have noticed first-hand how companies have had to completely alter their recruitment strategies, processes and onboarding activities in order to survive in the year 2020. Technology has never been so apparent throughout working practices and in our daily lives and has ultimately allowed the world to get back on its feet.

When it comes to recruitment processes, gone are the days of face to face interviews. In its place are zoom calls and Microsoft team videos, meaning that candidates have more time to prepare for their interviews, sit the interview in the comfort of their own home thus arguably making individuals feel a lot more at eased in a familiar environment. Not to mention the fact that the stress of travel to and from the location has vanished, meaning candidates can concentrate on excelling in their interview.

Additionally, with more of the population working from home, it means that as a consultant I can access candidates and clients at any time of the day meaning I am able to have more value-added audio and video calls, thus strengthening important relationships and allowing me to have more in depth conversations to support those I represent.

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Remote Working

Not only this, but with remote working on the rise, it effectively means that businesses have recognized that employees can often be just as productive (if not more), at home meaning less time in the office is needed. Companies and clients are now realizing that by allowing its employees to work from home anywhere in the world, when it comes to recruiting new employees the world essentially becomes your oyster as the talent pool is now open on a global scale.

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Commercial Adaption

With the rise of cloud-based communications, social media and the adoption of new technologies, the way commercial businesses operate has also changed. Businesses are increasingly becoming aware of the value that marketing adds to their brands. Digital platforms can be accessed instantaneously at any-time of the day meaning that the recruitment of value adding marketeers is becoming a lot more prominent and I predict this is only going to continue as we move on into the future.

The selling process has also had to adapt throughout the pandemic. With social contact pretty much forbidden in recent months, sales teams have had to adapt the way that they sell products and services, which has again been aided via technology platforms, smartphones and tablet devices.

‘The New Normal’

Nobody could have predicted the coronavirus crisis and the results that it brought to our world this year. But, just like the working world has had to adapt to a ‘new normal’, we also need to adapt our thinking to see the positives in every situation and find innovative solutions to the problems that will essentially pave the way for our futures.

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