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Michelle Lally
Michelle Lally CEO / Head of Global Search
Nicola Elliott
Nicola Elliott Director
Vahn Burgess
Vahn Burgess Associate Director
Laurence Dunne
Laurence Dunne Global Director
Ross Micklethwaite
Ross Micklethwaite Business Manager
Sophia Kingan
Sophia Kingan Business Manager
Alex Hepworth
Alex Hepworth Business Manager
Jack Calvert
Jack Calvert Business Manager
Jacob Twomey
Jacob Twomey Head of Marketing
Benjamin Violet
Benjamin Violet QA/RA Life Sciences Manager
Sally Crosby
Sally Crosby Office Manager
Elliott Firth
Elliott Firth Senior Key Account Manager
Oliver Allen
Oliver Allen Snr. Recruitment Consultant
Chantell Fields
Chantell Fields Recruitment Consultant
Yasmin Coverdale
Yasmin Coverdale Recruitment Consultant
Jess Ashton
Jess Ashton Recruitment Consultant
Weronika Kolasinska
Weronika Kolasinska Recruitment Consultant
Oscar Minshull
Oscar Minshull Recruitment Consultant
Connor McCarthy
Connor McCarthy Recruitment Consultant
James Hill
James Hill Recruitment Consultant
Megan Elliott
Megan Elliott Recruitment Consultant
Kalim Khawaja
Kalim Khawaja Recruitment Consultant
Kourosh Akbari
Kourosh Akbari Recruitment Consultant
Beth Elliott
Beth Elliott Business Administrator
Laura Haslam
Laura Haslam Office Administrator
Thashfa Rehman
Thashfa Rehman Marketing Apprentice