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Interviews coming up? Three questions to ask

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You've got interviews coming up and you're fully prepared for your prospective employer's questions. Another key piece to plan for? What you are going to ask them.

Asking the right questions not only means you stand out to the interviewer, but also helps you to know if their company is a great fit for you.

Are you the one interviewing? Knowing these questions as an interviewer can help you paint your company in the best light.

When I interviewed for my very first recruitment position, the interviewer (who went on to become my senior manager) began with if I had any questions first. I went straight in with number three on this list. She was surprised, in a good way! She told me some time later that set the tone for the interview with me ultimately getting the job.

Read on for three questions that will boost your interview success!


What’s the vision of the business?

In asking this question you get a clear idea of what your potential employer wants to achieve – their grand vision for the business and the reason “why”.

At Consult, our vision is to be the leading presence in our markets. Something we remind ourselves of regularly when striving towards our goals.

Knowing the vision not only helps give your role further purpose, but on a personal level you want the company’s why to be something you believe in.


What are the workplace’s values?

What matters to this business? Honesty? Teamwork? Their Customers?

At Consult, our values are doing words. We:

  • Pursue Excellence
  • Take Accountability
  • Are Agile
  • Are Customer Centric
  • Are Impactful
  • Are Results Focussed

Ask yourself if the company values given in the interview align with your own.


How do you stand out versus competitors?

...and and what do your employees (or customers) love about you?

With this question you get an idea of what your potential employer thinks its key points of difference are, compared to its competitors.

At Consult, we pride ourselves on having an unrivalled workplace culture, with clear development plans for each individual, a great team spirit, company events, recognition of each individual rewarded with prizes, trips, training and fantastic compensation and benefits packages.

With our customers, we work on a consultative, partnership basis, really taking the time to learn about our clients, acting as an extension of their business, representing them how they wish to be represented.

There are several options out there. Make sure the one you choose stands out.

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