Reliving the Magic: Our Unforgettable Day at Royal Ascot | Consult

Reliving the Magic: Our Unforgettable Day at Royal Ascot

Reliving the Magic: Our Unforgettable Day at Royal Ascot main image
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Good Morning Leeds...

The clock struck 6am and the Leeds team were ready and waiting prepared for the coach to take us down South.

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Where are we going?

We overcame a small hiccup where the driver thought we were heading to Cheltenham instead of Ascot and then it was smooth sailing from there...

After picking up the rest of the troops in Sheffield we were all set.

There was just one thing missing...

A Quiz from our Dental Business Manager, Alex Hepworth!
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After a drive full of laughs, we were all set and eager to get through the doors...

The sun was beating down and we couldn't have hoped for a better day for it.

Royal Ascot – a day of elegance, excitement and tradition rolled into one

Consult ladies at Royal Ascot
Royal Ascot Queen's Enclosure

Welcome to the Queen Anne Enclosure

We received a warm welcome from our host in the Queen Anne Enclosure and were given the itinerary of the day.

Indulgence reached new heights as we approached the grand banquet laid out before us – a luxurious buffet with everything your heart desired.

From glistening platters of succulent seafood, to meticulously carved roasts that made your mouth water, the options were endless.

Towering tiers of appetizers boasting an array of artisanal cheeses, delicate charcuterie, and freshly baked breads.

All food and drinks for the day complimentary and delivered to wherever we were stood, sat, crouched, leant & laid.

The service was incredible and the team were very well looked after.

Enjoy the photos of the day below...

Through the lens

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Jack Calvert and James Hill, Animal Health
Tom Cokill, Director
Ross Micklethwaite and Nicola Elliott
Beth and Meg Elliott
The Consult girls at Ascot
Michelle Lally, CEO and Nicola Elliott, Director at Ascot
IMG 2907
Directors Laurence Dunne & Vahn Burgess
Director Nicola Elliott & Office Administrator Laura Haslam
CEO, Michelle Lally & Marketing Manager, Jacob Twomey
Dental Business Manager, Alex Hepworth
IMG 2870
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