#TeamConsult find their way through the Crystal Maze | Consult

#TeamConsult find their way through the Crystal Maze

#TeamConsult find their way through the Crystal Maze main image
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#TeamConsult meet at Manchester Piccadilly station

We brought the team together for another exciting team building experience. This time TeamConsult went to the Crystal Maze in Manchester, where we navigated between the Industrial, Futuristic, Medieval and Aztec zones. Facing 3 categories of challenges - mystery, mental and physical. With a couple of lock-ins, we were winning crystals left right and centre to get to the Crystal Dome.

We competed against the clock to bag as many tickets as possible to see which team would be crowned the winner.

Photo of team 1 in the Crystal Maze
Photo of team 2 in the Crystal Maze

To celebrate our triumph we went to Alberts Schloss for a hearty lunch and drinks.


We ended the day at Roxy Ball Room playing ping-pong, pool and shuffleboard.

Team Member Playing
Team Member Playing

We can't wait for our next Team Building Day!

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