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Working with the broadest range of commercial Dental businesses in the marketplace, Consult are proud to be recognised as the principal recruitment consultancy in this booming market segment. We lend our considerable support to our clients and help build their commercial teams: this, in turn, opens up all kinds of potential for our candidates.

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Let us help create and shape your future success

By unearthing key commercial industry talent, we help grow our clients bottom line. We are experts in navigating the complicated candidate market to filter and refine the right talent to enable your business to grow. With the most experienced, intuitive and well-connected recruitment consultants in the industry, we can help you build a team that will be connected, be inspired, and get more done.

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Key Clients


Michelle Lally photo
Michelle Lally CEO / Head of Global Search
Vahn Burgess photo
Vahn Burgess Associate Director
Laurence Dunne photo
Laurence Dunne Global Director
Ross Micklethwaite photo
Ross Micklethwaite Business Manager
Alex Hepworth photo
Alex Hepworth Business Manager
Oliver Allen photo
Oliver Allen Snr. Recruitment Consultant
Chantell Smith photo
Chantell Smith Recruitment Consultant
Weronika Kolasinska photo
Weronika Kolasinska Recruitment Consultant